Pulla (discontinued)


Ever felt the burden of bringing an empty trolley around before grocery shopping? Or not having one in the first place because of its inconvenience or the social stigma attached to it? If you relate to these problems but also agree with the benefits a trolley may bring you, our product, Pulla, is just for you!

Pulla is designed with the aim of extensively improving our experience of travelling with a trolley.

It is a portable hand trolley for workplace, delivery, home or personal use and can transform into a small, compact and light form to fit into almost any bag or space. It is designed to carry bags, boxes or other bulky or heavy items up to a weight limit of 30 kilograms!

Here are some of its uses:

  • Converting your heavy bag into a trolley
  • Moving boxes from one place to another within workplace
  • Moving project materials within school
  • Door-to-door delivery of goods
  • Bringing back boxes of purchases from IT fairs
  • Grocery Shopping
  • and more!

Currently weighing 860grams, Pulla is lighter than any other trolley currently in the market!

Here’s how Pulla looks like in its compact form, along with its specifications:

pulla close.JPG

and in its deployed form:


We’re still in the midst of re-designing Pulla to better suit the needs of some of our clients so more details will only come later. We also have plans to launch a campaign on Kickstarter when we have finalised details with our local manufacturer in Singapore!

If you are interested in this concept and would like to purchase this product in the future or to be kept updated on our progress, do drop us a comment here! All feedback will also be greatly appreciated!

Also, leave your email address in the contact form so that we can update you when we approach the launch of our campaign!

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