PULLA – The World’s Most Portable Hand Trolley PULLA was our first project; to design and prototype a functional product. It was designed to be consumer product, intended as ‘The World’s Most Portable Hand Trolley’. Back to projects

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Heating Platforms

Heating Platforms XYYO designed and produced customised heating platforms for the physics faculty at SUTD. Each platform provided a flat surface with even heat distribution to ease the mounting of heat sinks. 13 units were produced for use during a year one university physics module. Back to projects

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RINGO – Portable Electric Transporter

RINGO – Portable Electric Transporter FOM-innovations, a local start-up focused in mobility solutions, collaborated with XYYO to develop RINGO, an electric transporter for use in multiple contexts – from logistics warehouses to building compounds and corridors. The aim of RINGO was to help discover new and better ways of increasing operational efficiency within organisations, by…

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Junior College Physics Demonstration Kit

Junior College Physics Demonstration Kit A portable and modular set of components that could be easily assembled to demonstrate certain physics concepts, providing students and teachers a more engaging classroom learning experience. XYYO designed and produced a functional physical model and presented it together with a poster at Physics Instructional Programme Support Group (IPSG)  2017.…

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Customised Orbital Shaker

Customised Orbital Shaker XYYO designed and produced 10 orbital shakers which were used in SUTD’s biology course to provide a suitable environment for algae growth.Each shaker could operate continuously for 3 weeks, maintaining an orbit frequency of about 150rpm for a maximum payload of 1kg. The project was successfully completed under a tight budget and…

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Tilt-or-Slide Dynamics Model

Tilt-or-Slide Dynamics Model XYYO was contracted by SUTD’s Engineering Product Development faculty to design and prototype an in-class demonstrator for certain dynamics principles. This system could record and display real-time measurements of normal forces acting on a container subjected to a pulling force under different conditions. Back to projects

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Product Casing

Product Casing XYYO helped a client design and prototype the casing for the MVP of a consumer product. The casing housed an accessible battery compartment and electronics and was designed to be easily dissembled to allow quick internal modifications. Back to projects

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