Fabrication using existing Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) 3D Printing Technology is convenient and low-cost but often leaves unsightly lines between printed layers, while other methods such as Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) and (Stereolithography) SLA are significantly more costly and still require post-processing to achieve a high-quality finish. This level of finishing is often required to give your prototypes a professional outlook, such as a customised casing for a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

While it takes a lot of effort to post-process parts 3D Printed using FDM technology, we have improved and optimised current known processes of coating, sanding, and painting of these parts to produce 3D printed parts with high quality appearance* at a fraction of the cost as compared to using other methods such as SLS and SLA.

Price: Contact us for a quote!
Typical lead time: 3-5 Working Days, longer for large quantities

*resultant thermal properties of the material similar to that of polylactic acid (PLA) and only relevant surfaces will be processed to the desired high-quality finish according to the needs of the customer; recommended for indoor use and in conditions below 50°C. Note that our post-processing methods also result in a maximum of +0.2mm increase in part dimensions.


Post-processing before after.png